Sr. No Category Work Details Probable date of completion Area/Beneficiaries
1 GENERAL Construction of SW DRAIN at opp: Court street 13th ward 30/04/2016 125
2 GENERAL Procurement of motor,panel board at head water works,Alamajipeta 30/11/2016 Alamajipeta
3 GENERAL Laying Of Distrubution pipe line at pata amudalavalasa 19th ward 30/11/2016 325
4 GENERAL Laying of Distrubution pipeline at kuddiram 21st ward 30/11/2016 250
5 GENERAL Laying of Disturbution pipe line that at vengala rao colony 20th ward 30/11/2016 350
6 GENERAL Laying of 225mm dia Disturbation pipe line from Rly signal point to voosavanipeta 30/11/2016 600
7 GENERAL Providing drinking water facility to thimmapuram village in ward no 1 15/11/2016 500
8 GENERAL Replacement of 1.00 km lengtrh damaged old distrubation pipe line with 300mm Dia pipe between laxminagar junction to Danarasimetta Jn 15/12/2016 TOWN AREA IMPLEMENT